MonthFebruary 2015

Alleyway Taphouse

According to 10 Magazine, in 2014, the latest revision of the Korean brewing laws has led to breweries being able to distribute craft beers to a wider audience. This allows bar and restaurant owners, who don’t brew, to serve artisanal beers to their customers. Bars in Seoul have been the first to take advantage of these changes, and now, Suwon is stepping up.

Alleyway Taphouse in Suwon is offering an assortment of craft and bottled beers. It currently boasts a tap of 12 different beers: domestic and foreign.


Craftworks has been the big name in the Korean craft beer scene. They have taken an active role in the marketing and image of each of their beers. They offer a wide variety of yearly and seasonal brews. Currently, Alleyway Taphouse is carrying their Baekdusan Hefeweizen and the Seoraksan Oatmeal Stout. Two tried and true beers that are more aromatic and flavorful than the average weizen or oatmeal stout.

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Queen’s Head

Queen’s Head pub (퀸스헤드) is a proper establishment serving German style beers in the Yongtong district of Suwon.

Queen's Head Interior

Queen’s Head Interior

At some elevation, riding the elevator from the 1st to 5th floor crosses another dimension. The elevator doors slide open. From your mind, thoughts of Korean kimchi, the burning halogen lights, and the posters of soju girls fade away. You’re welcomed into atmospheric wonder of European mastery.

Softly lit lamps glow from the ceiling – keeping everything warm. The decor appears to have been imported from Germany with dark ebony and walnut polished wood from ceiling to floor. Its elaborate and finely detailed. Gazing around the room, I couldn’t help imagining hordes of Saxons occupying the tables. All of them conversing loudly, cheersing heavy beer steins, and stuffing their rotund bellies with brazen pig. None of the decor appears out of aesthetic context or inappropriately placed.

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