IKEA Korea (이케아 코리아) carries the thousands of products and ideas that people from around the world have known to love. It sells lighting products, home furnishings for every conceivable room, holds a restaurant, a cafe (at the exit) and has a play area for children.



Gwangmyeong IKEA is located north of Anyang city near Gwangmyeong train station. Without a car, commuting to IKEA is a bit burdensome. The directions by subway are similar to going to Gwangmyeong Costco, which I’ve posted here. Simply, ride the Subway Line #1 to Gwanak Station (관악역). Exit the station to your right and board the  small yellow maeul bus 1-1. Ride it to the Costo Bus stop or keep riding until it turns back around. It will stop in front of IKEA.

If you anticipate buying any large furniture, it would be best to return home by a taxi. As, it would be very bothersome to lug anything back by the subway.

Riding the escalator to the 2nd floor show room, prepare to spend the next hour or two (literally) in the building. The show room is a labyrinth of modular designs for every room displaying how your home would look with the furniture.








Halfway through IKEA, and you’ll be presented with the option of eating at the cafeteria or continuing on through the building. Choose wisely and consult your hunger. The full cafeteria offers nearly quadruple the space of Costcos. It is less daunting to find a table or to have to hover and wait for a group to leave. However, if you pass up the cafeteria. You can still grab snacks and caffeine when you finally make it to the exit.




Additionally, I would personally peruse the IKEA Hackers website to modify the sometimes bland modular kits that IKEA offers. On this website, designers and artists are building better furniture with a few small hacks. I find it interesting that IKEA products, bits, and dimensions  are similar around the world. So, IKEA hackers across the globe can share their hacks to better suit their personality.

Naver Map directions to IKEA