IMG_0559.JPG img_0517.jpg While there are highly marketed and tourist-centric locations around Korea to see the cherry blossoms during the blooming season, the Hwaseong Fortress is a low-key  place to visit in the morning or afternoon hours. This year in 2016, the yellow forsythias are projected to bloom at the end of March and the cherry blossoms follow in the first 2 weeks of April.

Start from Hwaseo Park (or the Hwaseomun Gate), walk South towards the Gyeonggi Provincial Office. It is a relatively mild incline and natural area to view the cherry blossoms and yellow forsythias. During the peak festival times, the Provincial Office area may house an expo for families to buy local foods and goods from vendors. There are relatively few crowds and couples since the fortress isn’t a highly publicized cherry blossom tourist area. IMG_0519.JPG IMG_0533.JPGIMG_0536.JPG Past the the main path and closer to Paldalsan Mountain, the purple azaleas cover the sides of the mountain steps. This leads to the top of the mountain and Seojangdae Pavilion. IMG_0541.JPG IMG_0548.JPG IMG_0550.JPG Directions are simple. Get to the Fortress by your favorite means of transportation. The cherry blossom path is accessible from all directions around the West and South. Head towards the Gyeonggi Provincial Office to view the most concentrated cherry blossoms area. img_5940.jpg