Recently, I returned to Levee Brewery in Mangpo-dong. All of the hand crafted beer selection has changed since my last visit. (A shame because I miss their Irish Double Stout.) Their current beers – as of August – have a distinctive Summer ale-ness to them. Each one is light, crisp, colorful, and aromatic.

4 Beer Sampler

4 Beer Sampler

  • Alejandro Wheat Beer, 6000W
  • Levee Love U Ale 유자, 6000W
  • Strong Ale, 6000W
  • Fruit Bag, 7000W
  • Dark Indian Pale Ale, 8000W
  • Hybrid German Ale, 8000W

A 4 beer sampler paddle may still be purchased for the cost of 10,000W. The Alejandro Wheat stands out as my favorite. A refreshing wheat beer makes me forget about the sweaty saturation covering my body and clothes after a long day. Coming in at 4% AVB, it is the lowest alcohol. But the Fruit Bag beer is 6.8% ABV, and it’s a close runner-up.

In addition to the beer changes, Levee now only serves small pizzas and their assortment of buffet snacks. The beer battered fish and chips and chicken are no longer being served. The owners change the menu from time to time.

For the remainder of these humid Summer days, cool down with these Levee Brewery beers.

Levee Brew is located in Yongtan, Mangpo-dong. To get their by subway, take the Yellow Bundang line to Mangpo Station (망포역) and Exit 3. You should see a Starbucks on the corner and a bus stop on the right. Board the 62-1 bus to Mangpo Blooming Apartment (망포블루미아파트). Turn right, back to the New LG Plaza bulding and look for Levee Brewery in the middle. There should be a inflatable beer balloons at the entrance. For more information, check them out on Facebook.

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