Levee Brewery (레비 브루어리) is one of the finest locations to enjoy craft beers in Suwon.

Halloween Edition

Halloween Edition

The interior design of Levee Brewery doesn’t necessarily sweep you into a proper European pub, but it is not Korean. At first glance, I thought I was trespassing in a warehouse. The room is spacious and guests have the option of sitting either at wooden pallets or 4 ft tall barrels. The barrels were the most appealing for me for it felt like sitting at a bar with close friends. Off in the corner of the room, there are three dart boards and a pool table. In the front, a glass panel divides the dining area with the sparkling brewing kettles. It may be a warehouse or a loading dock, but the ambiance is fine for drinking.

The menus are quite creative – taking a bookmark from my old science textbooks. It is fashioned as a Periodic Table of Elements. Imagine the title of Breaking Bad. In lieu of atomic numbers, each beer is paired with its final gravity and alcohol volume. Science, bitches.

Once it's gone, it's gone.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

The 10,000W sampler is a paddle of 4 craft beers. With a rotating line-up of beers, I assume that they serve their four latest experiments. At the time, the paddle consisted of a Brown Wheat, Strong Ale, Amarillo Pale Ale, and an Irish Double Stout. All delicious. In addition to the four samplers, Levee serves a Kolsch beer and Levee Pale Ale. Having tasted many Kolsch beers and pale ales in my day, I passed them over for the evening. Give me aromatic, flavorful – and higher alcohol – concoctions.

After the sampler, I rested on the Strong Ale and the Irish Double Stout for the evening. I won’t go into the details about the tastes, like a cupping sommelier, but they were incredible. Simply incredible. At 8,000W, the stout costs less than a Guinness draft and the fruity bitterness tasted better.

Strong Ale 5.4% – Like a Belgian Pale Ale, but we brewed the strong versions for more easy drinking. You cam feel the flavor what some spicy and fruitiness with medium body (sic).

Irish Double Stout 6.8% – Double Stout gets some of it inspiration from the Russian Imerial (sic) Stout. Sweetness and full-bodied with rich roasted flavors far surpassing normal stouts.

-Levee Brew

In addition to an evening of drinking, Levee Brew has its starchy foods covered for the sloshing belly. They offer fish and chips, chicken and chips, and pizza. All of the entrees are equally priced at 18,000W, but I wouldn’t call this the perfect dining experience. If you’re looking to make an evening of Levee brew, I would suggest eating a good meal elsewhere. I cant speak for the chicken and pizza, but the fish and chips felt underwhelming.

Fish 'n' Chips

Fish ‘n’ Chips

The menu says that the batter of the fish is made with the grinds of leftover grains, which suits it well. But unfortunately, the fish and chips platter felt disproportionate. It was heavy on the french fries and macaroni with only a single strip of fish. This seems passable for bar food but not for dining. Moreover, the macaroni tasted like strawberry jam. I don’t know what was going on; each bite of macaroni tasted like jelly. Very-off putting.  But, nonetheless, it complimented the craft beer and conversations. Also, I won’t overlook the free snack bar. They offer an open table of edamame, vegetables, and rolls for the taking.

Levee Brew is in New LG Plaza building in Yongtan, Mangpo-dong 570-5 on the 2nd floor. To get their by subway, take the Yellow Bundang line to Mangpo Station (망포역) and Exit 3. Be careful, there are actually two Exit 3s. You should see a Starbucks and bus stop on the corner. Board the 62-1 bus to Mangpo Blooming Apartment (망포블루미아파트). Walk back to the New LG Plaza and look for Levee Brewery in the center. There should be a wooden staircase leading into the building. For more information, check them out on Facebook.

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