Queen’s Head pub (퀸스헤드) is a proper establishment serving German style beers in the Yongtong district of Suwon.

Queen's Head Interior

Queen’s Head Interior

At some elevation, riding the elevator from the 1st to 5th floor crosses another dimension. The elevator doors slide open. From your mind, thoughts of Korean kimchi, the burning halogen lights, and the posters of soju girls fade away. You’re welcomed into atmospheric wonder of European mastery.

Softly lit lamps glow from the ceiling – keeping everything warm. The decor appears to have been imported from Germany with dark ebony and walnut polished wood from ceiling to floor. Its elaborate and finely detailed. Gazing around the room, I couldn’t help imagining hordes of Saxons occupying the tables. All of them conversing loudly, cheersing heavy beer steins, and stuffing their rotund bellies with brazen pig. None of the decor appears out of aesthetic context or inappropriately placed.

Weizen Beer

Weizen Beer

Queen’s Head offers 3 types of microbrews: a pilsner, weizen, and a dunkles. Each beer can be orderd individually for 400cc from 5,500W to 6,000W in its appropriate glassware. For groups, they offer 1000cc and 2000cc growlers priced accordingly. I imagine these are probably more popular for Koreans, who may be unfamiliar with European beers and traditionally drink from the smaller Korean style glasses. Each beer fit its style extremely well. Many European brewers don’t stray from the ingredients and recipes which American craftbrewers have tampered with. The Queen’s Head menu mentions that it’s brewing methods were brought down by a German Meister, and all 3 of these beers is a refreshing classic.

The Queen’s Head menu pays special attention to BBQ’d meats. There is the typical Korean variety sausages, but further down the menu, you will find smoked chicken breasts and pork. The smoked pork platter is two thick strips of samgyeupsal. It is served with a BBQ sauce, mustard, and a light assortment of vegetables. I sliced away the fatty layer of pork – as it didn’t go down quite as well as grilled samgyeupsal. A friend mockingly pointed out the context of 3 layered samgyeupsal as I lovingly slid the knife down the 2nd layer. Overall, the smoked samgyeupsal was satisfying, but I longed for more vegetables. Though, to be fare, I shared the plate with one other. Each order is priced around the 20,000W marker range.

In addition to BBQ, Queen’s Head offers salads, pastas, and pizza. The pizza options consist of verdure cheese, margherita mozzarella, gorgonzola, and barbequed beef. Being short on time, I wasn’t able to taste the pizzas, so I’ll just have to make a return visit. It is a fine establishment to dine and enjoy a drink.

Getting to Queen’s Head in Yongtong is extremely easy. If you’ve ever visited the Gyeonggi-do Immigration Office, then you’re not far away. Ride the Yellow Bundang line to Yongtong Station (영통역), and Exit 1. Walk 2 blocks, turn right, and go straight. Walk past KFC, and look for the Queen’s Head hanging billboard outside. It is located on the 5th floor of this building.

Queen's Head on the 5th Floor

Queen’s Head on the 5th Floor

Address: 경기도 수원시 영통구 영통동 1011-3

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