From bottom to top, Emart Traders (이마트트레이더스)is the Korean replica version of a Costcos sans the yearly requirement of a membership.

Emart Traders Entrance

While the exterior of all Costcos carries the recognizable white and blue warehouse paneling, Emart Traders (ET) has selected a grey and light green warehouse panel – which also makes it stand out. After seeing ET one time, it would be easy to recognize seeing it again. The ET logo appears “tiki”. I could imagine their mascot to be feathery, wide mouthed, volcano God. Or the Jeju dol hareubang (돌 하르방)!

Similar to the exterior, the inside of ET is all warehouse. Racks fill the space from floor to ceiling, and they are stocked with pallets of bulk items. Place cards clearly mark the items in Korean and English with the price.

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