Every expat has to know the way to their nearest Costco, and making that pilgrimage once in his lifetime is mandatory. Living in Suwon, I find that the Gwangmyeong location (광명 코스트코) to be the best one for me to visit. It is in Anyang City. Other people say that the Yangjae location (양재 코스트코) is just as close. Although, those people typically have a car. For those of us without the luxury of wheels, I want to explain the directions that I use to get to Gwangmyeong, and at the end of the post, I list the specific buses that stop near here.

The first step in getting to the Gwangmyeong Costco is to make your way to Suwon Station (수원역). Actually, any station on the Seoul Metro Line #1 is  could fine. You will have to head North, as if you were going to Seoul.

The subway station which you need to depart at is called Gwanak Station (관악역). Listen carefully for Anyang Station (안양역). Gwanak is right after Anyang. This station is quite old, and Koreans describe it as a “country” station. It is just not modern, like the stations you see with safety gates or an elevator. Go up the stairs to the ticket gates and walk to the right. Then, back down to the street level.

Board the yellow 1-1 Maeul bus

Board the yellow 1-1 Maeul bus

There will be a small bus stop to the left side of the stairs. Most Koreans use Gwanak Station as an alternative route to the Gwangmyeong KTX Train Station. Here, wait for the yellow 1-1 Maeul Bus. It runs every 10-15 minutes, and it is typically waiting in front to keep on schedule.

Once you find your seat, sit back, and relax. The trip will take 10 minutes, and you will get off on the 2nd to last stop. If you are riding during the spring, you can enjoy the cherry blossom trees which line the streets on your way to the Anyang Stream. After the stream, listen carefully for the stop. It is called the Costco stop, and you will be dropped off at the corner of a block.

Go straight with the construction fence on your right

Go straight with the construction fence on your right

Currently, there is a lot of construction in this area. Costco may not be visible around a large fence. Walk in the direction with the fence on your right side. In the distance, there is a Lotte Premium Outlet and IKEA. Take note of the bus stop that you pass on the way. This will be the bus stop to board the 1-1 Maeul bus, again, and return to Gwanak Station.

Congratulations! You made it and happy shopping.

Here’s a list of alternative buses that stop near Gwangmyeong Costco. You might be able to find a better route from your home using the ‘Seoul Bus’ smartphone app. 1-1, 3, 3-1, 8-2, 11-2, 12, 17, 75, 505, 3001, 5627, 5633

As a final word, don’t forget to check the opening days of your Costco. Due to the Korean government regulations of large scale supermarkets, Costco closes it’s doors on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month.

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